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Rainbow Order

of Brothers = ROBES
and Sisters = ROSES
all People = ROPES

Expressing Soul

We claim our own safe space.

We respect another’s right to safe space.

These are the essential rules of the Rainbow Order.

Beyond these rules, if we wish:

We establish our own personal rule(s).

We value the healthy benefits of a contemplative life style even if it’s part time.

We reclaim the right to our own time and place for deep reflection, meditation, spiritual exercise, prayer and social communion.

Robes made by Becky Porter
To order: Specify preferred fabric type, color, weight,
and a measurement from the bottom of the back of your neck to the ground.
Specify other considerations or preferences you would like
in the creation of your personal robe.

2135 College St, Montgomery, AL 36106 equipoisecoaching@gmail.com (334) 224-1597